What We Do

What We Do

Paladina Health provides integrated healthcare with the goal of increasing the value of care while reducing overall healthcare spending for organizations and individuals.

Our healthcare program redirects care to a high-touch primary care setting, decreasing overall healthcare spending for organizations and individuals. At the same time, it improves health outcomes for patients. We enable organizations to take control of their healthcare supply chains and keep their workforces healthy. We aim to be an essential resource for organizations ranging from employer groups and insurance payers to labor organizations, government entities, trusts and more.

The problems facing modern American healthcare are great in number and complexity, but our solutions are simple, efficient and proven to work. 

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Paladina Health gives you the power to manage your risks

When an organization offers our program, we take a data-driven approach to managing overall risk, including population health management, risk stratification and proactive outreach and communications. With this approach, we are able to address three tiers of a population differentially, including

  • Low Risk: Generally healthy people who access healthcare on a very limited basis
  • Rising Risk: Not seriously ill, but often have one or more chronic condition and can be a fast track to worsening health and increasing claims
  • High Risk: Usually diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses, and accessing healthcare regularly

We make primary healthcare primary again

We make primary healthcare primary again

Paladina Health is a patient's "hub" for healthcare. Beginning with the first visit, our physicians build a relationship focused on trust, health improvement, and cost-effective care delivery—for employees, their families, and their employers.

Paladina Health physicians can deliver 85 to 90 percent of an individual’s healthcare, and anything that lands outside of that is closely overseen by a Paladina Health physician. This includes referral management and 24/7 access to the physician by phone, helping to minimize unnecessary care and emergency room or urgent care visits.

Central point of care

Time Spent WHAT WE DO

Number of face to face visits per year

Aligned on the right incentives

Rather than billing fee-for-service, our physicians are paid a flat salary and incentivized through bonuses on health outcomes, patient engagement and patient satisfaction.

It’s their job to deliver the best care, not the most care. And, by eliminating co-pays and co-insurance, we remove barriers to care—patients are able to use the service as much or as little as they need

This means that chronically-ill or cost-sensitive employees and dependents don't put off treatment when they need it, preventing health issues from snowballing into more serious problems. In fact, our data show that those with more risk factors tend to use the program more than those with fewer risk factors. 

Health Improvement WHAT WE DO

Short and long term results

We aim to help organizations bend or break the healthcare cost curve.

Paladina Health redirects healthcare from fragmented care sites such as inpatient and outpatient settings, specialists offices, ER and urgent care clinics into the optimized primary care setting. This is the immediate impact on healthcare costs we aim to deliver.

In the longer term, however, we work to deliver cost savings by diagnosing, treating efficiently, and managing the health of a covered population.

And, one of our key indicators of health outcomes is from our patients themselves: 79 percent of Paladina Health patients feel healthier as a result of their engagement in Paladina Health.

Health Improvement