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Physician Access

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From a healthier, more productive workforce to retention and more—Paladina Health can help employers.

How employers can benefit from a healthier workforce:

It seems to me your number one asset is your employees…if they’re healthier, if they’re happier, your company is going to work better…

– Steve Cook, MD


This was the most thorough office visit I can remember receiving, and I didn’t have to come back in to review my blood work. That was really helpful with my schedule. I could just look at the results online and my doctor called me to talk about some next steps. 

Even though I exercise quite a bit and my weight is okay, the results came back with some suggestions that I might be at risk for diabetes. My doctor was able to provide some quick and easy solutions to help me stay healthy instead of continuing down a path that could end poorly.

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One of the biggest contributing factors to the primary physician shortage is doctor burnout. Today's primary care physician is forced to work in an overwhelming and too often unrewarding medical environment. Here's why many modern doctors are burning out at an alarming rate.

Case Study

Patient experience is one of the three metrics that Paladina Health physicians are measured by, the other two being patient health outcomes and cost savings. This case study explores how the Paladina Health Medical Home is an ideal way for an employer to improve their employee's patient experience.