Tyler's Paladina Health Story

Tyler's Paladina Health Story

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Tyler and Meredith's Story

Tyler's mom, Meredith shares Tyler's Paladina Health story:

My teenage son Tyler was having ongoing stomach troubles and we had talked to his pediatrician about it many times. He was repeatedly prescribed over-the-counter medications by the pediatrician, which weren’t helping. His condition worsened and my once-active son was missing lacrosse practices—and didn’t want to go far from home. I took him to the Paladina Health clinic as a last resort. That was when everything changed.

Our doctor listened to him. She didn’t care that I was in the room—she was completely focused on him and what he was saying about his pain.

She ran the right tests and diagnosed him with a stomach bacteria that—left untreated—causes bleeding ulcers and, ultimately, stomach cancer. She knew he was too healthy to be having these problems and wanted to get to the bottom of it. Her focus on him made all the difference.

After taking the right medication, he is back to his active, athletic lifestyle. We caught this early, which improved Tyler’s quality of life almost immediately—and in the long term. I’m so grateful to have my athletic, healthy son back!

My whole family has benefited from this experience. We have our lives back. The biggest lesson for me, as a parent, is that you don’t have to take your child to a pediatrician just because they’re young. The most important thing is having a doctor who takes the time to listen to patients of all ages.