Tonia's Paladina Health Story

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Tonia's Paladina Health Story

paladina health patient story tonia

"Paladina Health to me is like having my own medical staff at my service. I have my own doctor, my own nurse, they actually care about me, they know me, they know my name. They are vested in me and my family. 

I'm so happy that the company that I work for cares enough about its employees to bring Paladina in, Paladina Health. I think it's great for us but I also think it's great for companies because I'm sure you have less sick days, time off, because you're taking care of your health and Paladina actually, the people at Paladina actually care about you. It makes me feel like the company I work for really cares about me, my health, and my family's health."

-Tonia, Paladina Health Patient

Louisville, Kentucky