Saving Money and Peace of Mind

Saving Money and Peace of Mind


Hear from Sandra—a Paladina Health patient—how Paladina Health helps save her money and peace of mind.

I would describe Paladina Health as a very unique approach to healthcare in the modern era. Paladina Health is really reminiscent of what old-time country doctors used to be. They knew you from birth to death. They knew your families and who you were. In the modern era we may not have that kind of relationship. This is such a refreshing approach to healthcare because it's our modernized country doctor feel, and there has been no catch.

It truly is an individualized, personal approach to healthcare. It really is everything that they say it is: availability, you don't wait, you can contact them 24/7.

Paladina Health is also incredibly comprehensive. Being healthy means you taking care of your mental state as well as your physical being. Especially working in an agency such as Seven Counties Services where we're caregivers by nature. It's very easy to put yourself on hold and take on other people's problems and try to deal with that. When I first met Dr. Kurowski there had been a medical event in our family that changed our entire family. Right on the heels of that event, my father has a massive heart attack and my mother passes away while he's in ICU. I had all of these life events taking place. She spent as much time concerned about those events in my initial evaluation as she did my lab work or what tests I needed to have done or if I needed a referral or not.

They truly want to know about all of you. They want to know about what's important to you. What are your goals? What do you want to get out of your healthcare experience? It is very unique.

I think if you're an individual that has chronic needs that need to be monitored, they do that very thoroughly. If you're an individual that may see a physician once every year for a physical or once or twice if you have a sore throat or something like that, you get just as unique and just as individualized care. I've never until Paladina had a physician call me themselves with lab results, what to discuss lab results in detail instead of just sending you a written report and saying this or that. It's very impressive how caring they are.

I have no copay. Obviously everybody wants more money in their own pocket. But yet you're receiving excellent healthcare. It's a benefit that I don't know that you could really put a dollar amount on even though there is a dollar amount attached to it.

I don't know as a consumer that I could put a dollar amount on how important it has been. My husband's health is being monitored more closely than ever. He has benefited from that as well. I'm not sure that you can really explain in just a few words what this benefit means to employees. You have to experience the relationship you get to have with the physicians and how fully you're treated as a person and not a number. It's truly, ‘this is Sandra.’