Sandra's Paladina Health Story

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Sandra's Paladina Health Story

paladina health patient testimonial sandra

"I think I would describe Paladina Health as a very unique approach in the modern day era to healthcare. It is extremely individualized, very personal. Paladina Health physicians are as concerned about your whole person as they are your medical needs. It's very genuine and they really do build trust and rapport with their patients. 

It's very impressive how caring they are. I have many examples I could give you about that. It's an approach that's very different and it's available. You don't wait for hours and hours in a waiting room. In fact there are only two chairs in the waiting room at one of the offices. So, they don't expect you to wait.

It's a benefit that I don't know that you could really put a dollar amount on even though there is a dollar amount attached to it."

-Sandra, Paladina Health Patient

Louisville, Kentucky