Raamesie's Paladina Health Story

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Raamesie's Paladina Health Story

paladina health patient testimonial raamesie

"With my decision to move my whole family to Paladina Health, that took a lot of thought because my children had our pediatrician since my oldest daughter was a little kid. So for at least 15-16 years we had the same pediatrician that I followed around town. 

One of the biggest draws for me with Paladina was the convenience. It's been tremendous, not to mention saving on the copay and especially saving on the urgent care copay or emergency room copay and having two locations that can fit my schedule. Even if one doctor is booked up or on vacation or can't see you then I also have another doctor that's available to me and my children if we need to get in for care. 

Paladina Health is perfect for a busy family. I think that if someone is in the position of considering or even wondering if Paladina might work for them, to at least give it a try, to make the initial appointment with one of the doctors."

-Raamesie, Paladina Health Patient

Louisville, Kentucky