Paladina Health Works with Your Busy Life

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Paladina Health Works with Your Busy Life

Hear from Raamesie—a Paladina Health patientabout how Paladina Health fits into her life as a busy, working mom.

I am one of the managers of the crisis hotline for Seven County Services. In my line of work, taking care of myself is important but challenging, especially because the program is 24 hours. You never know what's going to come up. Flexibility is key for me, because I also have two daughters. Being able to balance work and personal life and even things outside of those two large arenas is important. It is extremely hard to make time and ensure I'm taking care of myself.

One of the biggest draws to Paladina for me was the convenience of being able to see the doctor and to make an appointment. It is perfect for a busy family.

There have been times when all three of us in my family have been at the doctor at the same time. That has never happened before! We've had times when the nurse is triaging with one of my girls and another one is in with the doctor or one of us is getting lab work and the amazing way it's all been able to flow together has been a really priceless benefit for my family.

With Paladina Health, it has been so much easier to take care of myself than I ever had before. I’ve had more face time with the doctor talking about things that didn't even relate to medical conditions but was looking at the whole person.

I am more likely to call and ask my doctor questions or get input because it doesn't always require an appointment or a visit. I've even been able to schedule telephone consults. I'll set up an appointment but instead of having to go in person, my doctor will call me on the phone and it makes it easier for me to follow through. I can even call the doctor if I’m not sure if it is something we need to have an appointment for but I want to see what the doctor thinks. Instead of having to wait until our regular doctor office to open I can make contact with my doctor. I'm able to make a connection before the beginning of the school day if something comes up with one of the girls so I’m not left feeling uncomfortable or uneasy. That kind of care is priceless.

I feel supported and empowered as a parent when making decisions about my children's health. I feel like I have the energy and the stamina to do what I need to do and to be there for my daughters, and able to come to work with a positive frame of mind and ready to give the work day at my company my expertise and intelligence. It is a new approach to healthcare.