Julie's Paladina Health Story

Julie's Paladina Health Story

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Julie Story

“I have a chronic heart condition, so I’ve been in and out of hospitals and doctors’ offices since I was 6 months old, in addition to having had multiple surgeries. After dislocating my ankle, I went into the Paladina Health clinic. I was so impressed at how friendly, approachable and responsive my doctor was. With previous doctors, I was used to rushing through a shortened medical history of my 10 surgeries, because they never had enough time to hear everything. The difference in my Paladina Health doctor is that she cares: she slowed me down, and she wanted to know about my entire medical history, not just the highlights.

I can email my Paladina Health doctor at 9:00 p.m. on a Sunday and she always gets back to me. She doesn’t make me feel rushed—ever. I can tell her anything, and it’s a completely different doctor-patient relationship than you will ever experience anywhere else.  

I would encourage anyone to sign up with Paladina Health, 100%. It’s such a unique experience.”

- Julie, Paladina Health patient
Denver, Colorado