Johanna's Paladina Health Story

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Johanna's Paladina Health Story

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"I'm holding my phone there, trying to Google one-handedly, whether I needed to go to an emergency room or not and think- hey, wait a minute. I have Paladina now. I can just call my doctor. I have her number. So, I called her and she walked me through and we discussed it a little bit and she said -- if you can get to an urgent care, I would probably do that. So, I did and that was a very good decision.

I would say Paladina in one word is convenient. You have the website that you can log in, secure email your doctor. I can arrange appointments through the website but I can also call the office that I chose which is fairly close to my house and talk to my doctor directly or I can leave a voice mail message on her -- either on her office line or on her cell phone and she'll get back to me."

-Johanna, Paladina Health Patient

Denver, Colorado