Greg & Jeanne's Paladina Health Story

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Greg & Jeanne's Paladina Health Story

Greg Jeanne Testimonial

"I'd highly recommend it to all my family and coworkers. And I've definitely recommended it to everybody that I've encountered and shared my experiences to them about it.

What I really liked about the experience was the fact that we can go to her with numerous health issues, and she didn't send us off to a specialist. And she took the time to actually learn all the little intricate things and was willing to work on all the different areas instead of saying, "Oh, well, you have a thyroid problem, so you need to go see a thyroid specialist." Or, you know, or, you know, "You have a skin tag. You need to go to a dermatologist.

I haven't felt that comfortable with a doctor since I had a pediatrician, so it's huge. You know, you can talk to her about anything and you feel comfortable. It's nice."

-Greg & Jeanne, Paladina Health Patients

Cleveland, Ohio