An Employer's Perspective - Daniel Smith

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An Employer's Perspective - Daniel Smith

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"Paladina Health is an organization that really treats the whole person, not just whatever symptoms you walk in with, whether it's an achy back or runny nose. They're treating your entire health. They're taking the time to really get to understand your background, your family history, your lifestyle and then they tailor the services they provide to you to make a healthier you. 

I'm proud that we offer Paladina Health as a benefit to our employees. I love to hear the comments from people who walk up to me and say 'let me tell you about the experience I had.' And that's just the physical. It's not even an illness or injury they had that they sought treatment for. 

Paladina Health for us is a thank you to our employees. It's an opportunity for us to give them something to make their life better for them, for their family, so they can feel more at ease that their health and their family's health is taken care of at the highest level we can possibly offer."

-Daniel, Paladina Health Program Sponsor

Louisville, Kentucky