Casey's Paladina Health Story

Casey's Paladina Health Story

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Casey Story

“When I dislocated my knee, I didn’t know what to do, who to call or what the next step was. After my trip to the ER, I was hesitant to visit the Paladina Health clinic, thinking “what is a primary care physician going to do about my dislocated knee?” I was in a pretty rough state.

My visit to the Paladina Health clinic was amazing. My doctor acknowledged my fears and promised she would help me. She found me a physical therapist that lived near my home and relieved a lot of my stress during a time when I had no idea where to start and she made it easy to move forward.

One year later, I’m back to running, doing yoga and all the activities I was doing before. I definitely take advantage of my relationship with my Paladina Health doctor – I can email her if I’m traveling on the road. I’m taking better care of myself now, because it’s easy to.”

-Casey, Paladina Health Patient
Denver, Colorado