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How We Drive Results

Paladina Health’s physician-access direct primary care program allows you to provide the health benefits your employees want and deserve—and experience real results in employee health outcomes and healthcare cost savings.

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Access + Engagement + Accountability

Paladina Health offers an alternative to the traditional cost shifting benefits design of increasing co-pays and deductibles to control costs. The Paladina Health Medical Home is forward thinking yet simple: bringing patients back to primary care for the majority of their healthcare needs and providing increased physician access and an enhanced patient experience to drive engagement that improves health and drives better, more efficient healthcare system use.

We deliver this by:

  • Providing direct physician access for patients
  • Increasing patient engagement
  • Creating physician accountability for based on the right incentives: patient experience, health outcomes and patient engagement
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Mark Deven Testimonial

Mark Deven

“Our employees are our number one asset. All the things that we have in the city are a far distant second to the importance of our employees. And so what we want for our employees and their dependents is to be healthy.”

–Mark Deven, City Manager, City of Arvada, Colorado
Paladina Health client

Results page: Healthcare Costs

Your Challenge: Short- and Long-term Healthcare Cost Control

Employers’ healthcare costs have increased by six percent each year, on average—amounting to an 80 percent total premium increase since 2003. This just isn’t sustainable.

A large part of these high costs is due to chronic conditions. Nationally, more than 75 percent of healthcare costs are due to chronic conditions. 29 million people in the U.S. have diabetes, and 33 percent of adults in the U.S. are prediabetic. The CDC predicts that the number of people with diabetes will double or triple by 2050.

10 year healthcare spending per person

Results Page: Identifying Issues

Healthcare spending highly concentrated

Step 1: Understanding Your Cost Drivers

For every employer, the impact of these numbers is different. The way your employees and their families use the healthcare system significantly impacts how much your healthcare budget is impacted by chronic conditions—and all other health conditions. 

The key is identifying the 20 percent of your covered population that drives 80 percent of your costs—and taking that a step farther to identify the 5 percent of your population that drives 50 percent of your cost. Step one in our process is a deep dive into the numbers: identifying areas of opportunity in your healthcare claims data based on your cost drivers.


Results Page: Frequency of use

Step 2: Encouraging Efficient Healthcare System Use

Based on your cost drivers, our next step is to increase engagement and encourage efficient healthcare system use. Paladina Health redirects care away from specialists, the ER or urgent care, or outpatient settings—into the high-value primary care setting. An important part of making this work for you and your employees is our data-driven approach to primary care: We get the right patients engaged.

Our approach allows for intensive, proactive outreach by our physicians to your highest risk employees and their family members.

The result of this is that patients with the most risk factors use Paladina Health more—without costly co-pays or co-insurance for the employers or additional claims for you.

Number of face to face visits per year

Results Page Health Outcomes

Health Improvement

Step 3: Improving Overall Health Outcomes

In addition to improving healthcare system use, we help our clients improve the overall health metrics of their covered populations. So how much healthier are employees who use Paladina Health? 79 percent of our patients say their health has somewhat or significantly improved with us.

Results like that mean word-of-mouth recommendations by employees, which increases employee enrollment and engagement. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is nearly twice that of the highest scoring national healthcare provider in the U.S.

“It's interesting because our Denver office has offered this perk of Paladina Healthcare, and our other offices are now jealous because they do not have anything like this and they're trying to get it.”

– Clarissa, Paladina Health patient

Step 4: Partnering with employers & organizations to measure the impacts

“We have a very diverse group of employees with very different healthcare needs at all stages. And we also have employees that are dealing with chronic health conditions and issues such as those that also need certain kinds of specialized healthcare…So we were really encouraged to look at other alternatives that would really lower the cost of healthcare to both the employee and the City. And through the engagement of Paladina Health, we're actually seeing that trend,” said Deven.

Clarissa Delhotal Testimonial

Paladina Health works as a partner with your employees to improve their health while saving money for both you and your employees.

Instead of cost shifting, we manage chronic conditions consistently better than the HMO average and shift many procedures from specialists back to the primary care setting where they belong: with doctors who know their patients.

In the words of one Paladina Health patient, Clarissa:

“It’s a huge perk our companies are giving us to be able to use Paladina Health care. There's no reason to not try it.”

Clarissa Testimonial

Results page: End Result

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Reducing Claims and Improving Health

And the results after implementing the Paladina Health program? City of Arvada, Colorado City Manager Mark Deven describes his experience:

“One, our claims to our medical plan provider are going down. And secondly, chronic kinds of health issues that were perhaps not managed as well as they could have been are now being managed better so that the employees are much healthier.”

Healthier employees using the healthcare system correctly save employers money, and that’s what Paladina Health delivers.