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Michelle Hustedt, PA

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About me

Michelle Hustedt graduated with a Master of Health Services in Physician Assistant (PA) Studies from the University of California, Davis in 2017. She then began practicing as a PA, providing primary care, urgent care and occupational medicine services to individuals throughout Monterey County, CA.

There, Michelle had the opportunity to work in several different regions within the community and provide a wide range of healthcare services, including urgent and same-day visits, preventive care counseling, and complex chronic disease treatment. She enjoyed caring for the diverse patient population and working with individuals to address their urgent medical needs and achieve their health goals.

Now at Paladina Health, Michelle appreciates the organization’s commitment to high-quality, patient-centered care. She believes its model allows her to spend more time with patients, providing thorough and compassionate care, and fostering trusting and collaborative provider-patient relationships that will lead to better health outcomes.

Outside of the clinic, Michelle enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking in Big Sur, running, working out, cooking and trying new cuisine, traveling, reading, shopping, listening to music and going to concerts, and supporting local businesses. She also has strong ties to her Greek heritage and delights in eating delicious Greek food, dancing, going to Greek festivals, and attending large extended family events. (Not to mention traveling to Greece.)

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Make Me Your Central Point of Care

As your physician, I will work with you through all aspects of the healthcare system. I can help you navigate specialists, and procedures or screenings. I can work with you so you have continuity of care before, during and after anything related to your healthcare.

Plus, I'm here for you after hours. You can reach me 24/7 via phone—for urgent needs. So, if you get hurt on a weekend trip, have a child with a fever, or have any urgent health need on the weekend, you can call me. 

Central point of care

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Clarissa Testimonial

Get These Benefits & More

  • Partner with an experienced primary care physician who delivers a broad scope of care, including primary and preventive care, chronic disease management, urgent care, and coordination with specialists and hospitals.
  • Access your physician 24/7 via phone for urgent needs, or email or visit your physician at a convenient location.
  • Save money. Most services are free, with no co-pays or co-insurance.*

*For those contributing to an HSA, some fees may be required for non-preventive services.

“It’s a huge perk our companies are giving us to be able to use Paladina Health care. There's no reason to not try it.”

– Clarissa, Paladina Health patient
Denver, Colorado