Patient Experiences with Paladina Health

What's Different About Paladina Health

You know how it feels. Wanting to ask your doctor more questions but being rushed through your appointment. Trying to summarize your medical history in 30 seconds. Not being listened to.

Imagine this instead: after waiting only a few minutes in the waiting room, you see your doctor for as long as you need to. You have time to talk about why you’re there, and your doctor knows what specialists you’ve seen and which tests you’ve had—because she helped you organize them. You have time to ask questions. And when you talk, your doctor listens.

This doctor is a true partner in your health.

One Paladina Health patient says,

“I feel like this is the first time in my adult life I have been able to develop a satisfying patient-doctor relationship. The difference is the deeper interest and involvement of my Paladina Health doctor.”

That’s what the following Paladina Health patients have experienced, and it’s changed their lives.

Tyler, a high school lacrosse player, loved sports, going out to eat, and spending time with his friends. But then he started having stomach problems so severe that he got sick every time he ate. His pediatrician couldn’t help. This normally happy, healthy, athletic teenager started staying home, exhausted and socially withdrawn.

With a blood test, Tyler’s Paladina Health doctor found what his pediatrician missed and gave him a prescription that started working within 24 hours. Now Tyler is as active as ever, and free of a condition that would have led, untreated, to stomach ulcers and cancer.

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The change came with his Paladina Health doctor, who, Tyler says, “sat down with me and actually talked to me…I felt welcomed, and I could just tell her how I felt...I got my confidence back.”

And his mom? “To watch him lose his spirit, it was heartbreaking…Paladina Health for my family is everything, because it gave me my son back…I will never take my son any place else.”

- Tyler and Meredith, Paladina Health Patients
Denver, Colorado

Tyler and Meredith's Story

When Toria was diagnosed with diabetes, she was overwhelmed with medications, classes, and appointments. Her doctor told her what to do, but didn’t provide the support Toria needed to manage her condition.

Toria switched over to Paladina Health, where her doctor took the time to talk to her and find resources that worked for her lifestyle.

Supported by her doctor, Toria has lost 15 pounds and is managing her blood sugar. Feeling healthier has made Toria more confident and productive at work, and she’s now on track for a promotion.

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Watch Toria's Story

“When I switched over to Paladina Health, first off, it was so easy to get an appointment…And went in to see my doctor, and she talked to me like I was a friend; not my doctor…I can be honest with her.”

“When I did need her, I called her and she answered the first time.’”

“Having a chronic condition…you need the extra support.”

- Toria, Paladina Health patient
Denver, Colorado

Brenda and her husband were trying to have a baby, but after two miscarriages, she was devastated. Brenda’s OB/GYN thought nothing was wrong, so Brenda decided to try Paladina Health, where her doctor diagnosed Brenda with a treatable blood disorder and prescribed her medication that worked.

A healthy pregnancy later, Brenda introduced baby Augustus to her doctor.

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After two miscarriages, Brenda says, “Those were among the darkest days of my life. I was scared out of my mind.”

“Dr. Roberts was willing to listen to me and put time and thought into me as a person.”

“Having a personal relationship with your doctor can really change everything. And it did for us. We have our Augustus now.”

- Brenda, Paladina Health patient
Englewood, Colorado

Brenda Headshot

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How Our Patients Benefit from Paladina Health—and How You Can Too

A Paladina Health membership comes with significant benefits, like 24/7 cell phone access to your doctor, same- or next-day appointments for urgent needs, and cost savings through low or no co-pay. But what it all boils down to is two core facts.

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You get more time with your doctor, and that means more than you might think:

  • With an initial comprehensive physical exam and appointments lasting as long as needed, your doctor really gets to know you. Paladina Health patients have the confidence in their doctors to be honest about their health and make better progress on their health goals.
  • Our doctors have time to look at your health holistically: they see you as a whole person, not a set of unconnected problems. This helps them coordinate information from other doctors you may see and catch issues before they become serious.
  • Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution to a health issue, your Paladina Health doctor partners with you to find the best solution for your lifestyle. 
Time Spent with Provider

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Patient Panel Comparison

Your doctor has 70 percent fewer patients than most primary care doctors, which means that:

  • Your Paladina Health doctor has time to do all the procedures she is fully qualified to do. In a traditional primary care setting, a doctor often has to refer his patients to specialists because he has too many patients to perform procedures himself. At Paladina Health, we keep these procedures in primary care—where they’re much cheaper for you.
  • It’s easy for you to get a same- or next-day urgent appointment and avoid a trip to the ER or an expensive urgent-care facility.

Your Paladina Health doctor is available 24/7 by cell phone for urgent needs.

Note: Paladina Health is typically offered at no cost to patients through employer-provided health plans. If you are unsure of your eligibility through your health plan, contact Paladina Health Member Services. Also, if you wish to join Paladina Health independently, contact Paladina Health Member Services.