Why patient satisfaction matters to you

Improving Health, Building Relationships, Differentiating Benefits

At Paladina Health, our first priority is making sure your employees get healthy and stay healthy. Making that happen requires building a trusting patient-doctor relationship.

Why? Because a patient's trust in their doctor is vital to their health. Patients are more likely to stick to a treatment plan recommended by a professional they have confidence in. That’s why Paladina Health tracks not just patient health metrics, but the overall patient experience.

Standard patient satisfaction surveys can be misleading, because they’re highly correlated with expenditures—not better care or overall health. Paladina Health conducts an ongoing survey of patients after their appointments, using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and other evaluation questions to find out how we’re doing.

Employers: Patient Satisfaction-Health Improvement

What do the results show?

Most importantly, 79 percent of Paladina Health patients say their health has somewhat or significantly improved as a result of their Paladina Health membership, and 36 percent say it has improved significantly.

Health Improvement

Employers: Patient Satisfaction-Key Areas

Quality of Care

Delivering high-quality care

Paladina Health patients are either satisfied or very satisfied at a rate of more than 90 percent in key areas—physician access, level of trust with physicians, quality of care, and that physicians spend the right amount of time with patients. Including 90 percent being satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of care they received.

And overall? Our six-month average NPS is 79 percent. Anything above 50 percent is considered “great,” and the highest-scoring national healthcare provider is at 40 percent.

High-quality care + patient satisfaction enables improved health

In the words of one Paladina Health patient:

“I have two small sons…and things pop up all the time that I can’t plan, so I’ve appreciated the way Paladina Health can accommodate me almost immediately…One time, I called my doctor on a Saturday, and before I had even left a voicemail, he was already calling me back! When I need to take my children in, there is never any waiting—they get me right in. They always make time for my family and me, and I can tell they genuinely care.”

Paladina Health doctors build patient trust from the first visit, with a comprehensive physical exam and in-depth discussion to go over medical and family history, and any recent health issues. Our program relies on these personal relationships built on trust ensure our doctors get a nuanced understanding of their patients’ medical concerns.

Value Big Left: Matin quote PATIENT SAT.

This meant the difference for the teenage son of one Paladina Health patient, Matin:

“Our Paladina Health doctor spoke with my son about nutrition and ways to improve his health. It’s very difficult to get a teenager to listen to anyone, but the doctor got through to him. My son came home and told us he wanted to practice healthier eating and sleeping habits. My wife and I both were amazed at how he really learned from and listened to our doctor.”

Matin - Fazia Story

Paladina Health provides the missing link between your employees and their families and the healthcare they need. The missing link is a personal relationship with someone who cares.

By incentivizing Paladina Health physicians to deliver high quality care and a superior patient experience, we are able to deliver high-quality healthcare that manages your entire population, including meeting or beating the HMO average on chronic conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Value Big Right: Gloria/Jeff PATIENT SAT.

Jeff and Gloria Story

More primary care allows us to catch problems before they become serious or chronic, as in the case of Paladina Health patients Jeff and Gloria:

“Our Paladina Health doctor was doing her normal checks on my wife and became concerned by her heart rate. As it turned out, my wife’s heart rate was half what it should have been, so she arranged for us to go straight to the emergency room. I was scared to death, thinking I might lose her… As a result of this care, my wife has a pacemaker and avoided some awful complications that could have changed our lives forever.”

With nearly 80 percent of members reporting better health, an organization and its workforce can only stand to gain from the efficiency and reliability of Paladina Health.