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The fee-for-service system severely limits a primary care physician’s ability to deliver high quality care to their patients. There are too many patients to see and too much paperwork to fill out, and despite all this effort your patients aren’t progressing like you want them to. Paladina Health gives you the freedom that creates the results you’re looking for. The primary care physicians at Paladina Health have much smaller patient panels, allowing them to be the central point of care for all their patients. You handle 85 to 90 percent of a patient’s healthcare, and oversee anything that falls outside of that. Paladina Health gives you the tools to make a real difference.

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Paladina Health physicians are incentivized based on three criteria: patient experience, cost savings, and health outcomes. There’s no pressure to utilize a certain device, procedure, or prescription. You make decisions based entirely upon what is best for the patient’s health, and you’re compensated accordingly. Paladina Health patients spend significantly more time on average with their healthcare provider than the average primary care doctor. Appointments aren’t rushed, they take as long as they need to in order for you to understand your patients ailments and take action on treatment.

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The relationship you build with your patients will be something that the fee-for-service system simply cannot facilitate, and your patients can tell the difference. You’ll get to know your patients as more than a description on a clipboard, and they’ll trust you for it. Trust is essential to the Paladina Health program, as a patient that trusts their physician is more likely to take their advice. You can’t control a patient’s health, you can only guide it in the right direction. Patients of Paladina Health physicians will take your guidance seriously because they know it’s your job to watch over their health in the short and long term.

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This is the practice you've always wanted to be a part of, one that allows you to do your job the way it ought to be done. Our patients and our physicians have something in common when they leave the doctor's office: a sense of genuine satisfaction.

"We're doctors who actually get to do the job we dreamed of as kids!"

-Dr. David Malfese, Paladina Health Physician

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