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Cultivate a healthier workforce with the Paladina Health direct primary care program.

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Understand how the Paladina Health model works, and how it can change your life.

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Drive health outcomes, patient satisfaction and cost savings in your covered population.


Designed to improve health and lower costs

The Paladina Health direct primary care model connects patients directly to their physicians to increase engagement. And, by incentivizing our physicians on health outcomes, engagement and patient satisfaction—we create accountability for high-quality, outcome-driven healthcare. For patients, we increase convenience and reduce barriers to care delivered in the lower-cost, high-value primary care setting.

This approach helps us realize cost savings for our clients in two ways: By improving health and driving better healthcare system use.

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Value Big Right: Partner in health TIME SPENT EMPLOYERS

Time Spent with Provider

Delivering higher-touch healthcare

Paladina Health physicians take the time to get to know their patients, spending as much time as each patient needs at every appointment after that.

This means they get to understand their patients' whole health and address all health concerns immediately, rather than referring their patients to specialists or rescheduling simply due to lack of time. Longer appointment times mean fewer total appointments, in both primary care and specialists' offices. 

In fact, 95 percent of our patients agree or strongly agree their physician spends enough time with them.

Value Big Left: Support Chronic Cond.

Managing chronic conditions effectively

Paladina Health physicians provide targeted support to those at risk or suffering from chronic illnesses using risk stratification and other data-driven tools. Our physicians perform diagnostic screenings at rates up to 15 percent higher than the HMO average, which means their patients get treatment early.

By partnering with patients to manage chronic health conditions, Paladina Health physicians help your employees stick to long-term treatment plans and reduce their risk for serious and expensive complications. 

Chronic condition costs

Big Value Right: Missing Ingredient TRUST EMPLOYERS

Level of Trust

Built on a close physician-patient relationship

Our patients overwhelmingly trust their Paladina Health physicians. Patients are more likely to stick to a treatment plan recommended by a professional they have confidence and trust in. 

That’s why we put a relentless focus on patient experience at Paladina Health. By building physician-patient trust, we enable a cascade of health and financial benefits for employees, their families, and their employers who offer the Paladina Health program.