Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Chris Miller Bio

Chris Miller Headshot

Chris Miller, MBA, Chief Executive Officer

Chris Miller oversees the strategy and growth of Paladina Health as we realize our vision of bringing quality direct primary care to patients across the country. 

Tobias Barker Bio

Tobias Barker, MD, MHCM, Chief Medical Officer

As Chief Medical Officer at Paladina Health, Dr. Barker is responsible for hiring, evaluating, and training new providers so that patients receive the highest quality care.

Lori Logan Bio

Lori Logan Paladina Health VP Strategy

Lori Logan, MS, Senior Vice President of Product & Operations

Lori Logan directs strategy for Paladina Health’s systems, processes, products, and operations. She brings to the organization a deep understanding of healthcare consumerism backed by a keen eye towards optimization of the patient experience. 

Sampath Bio

sampath narayanan | chief information officer | paladina health

Sampath Narayanan, MBA, CHCIO, Chief Information Officer

Sampath oversees our information technology department, providing strategic direction in leveraging technology and analytics to deliver enhanced member experience, proactive care delivery, and medical cost management.

Tracy Stephens, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Tracy Stephens, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

As CFO of Paladina Health, Tracy is responsible for managing all aspects of the financial performance of the company, as well as treasury functions and external audit responsibilities.

Angela McPike Bio

Angela McPike, MA, Senior Vice President of Marketing

Angela McPike leads the marketing, branding, internal and external communications and digital strategies to advance client engagement and overall growth of the organization.

Value Big Right: Matt Weisert Bio

Matt Weissert, MBA, Senior Vice President

Matt Weissert is responsible for clinic and field operations at Paladina Health, leading all markets across the country. He started his career in the United States Air Force, leading teams all around the world on various test and development programs.

Big Value Right: Matthew Newman Bio

Matthew Newman, MBA, SPHR, Vice President, People Services

Matthew Newman oversees People Services at Paladina Health ensuring teammates create and work in an engaging environment that leads to providing the best patient experience in the direct primary care industry.