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Paladina Health's Direct Primary Care Model

Paladina Health puts the primary care physician at the very center of a patient’s health needs, ensuring that their patients are guided in the right direction every time they leave the doctor's office. A primary care physician is more than capable of handling most of their patients’ medical needs, but the fee-for-service model leaves them with too much on their plate, constantly scrambling from one appointment to the next. This system is not what’s best for the patient, and it’s not the way most physicians want to practice.

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Realigned incentives, refreshing results

The fee-for-service system forces doctors to order procedures they know may not be necessary, and it invites a number of outside influences to complicate the entire healthcare delivery process. The Paladina Health Medical Home allows physicians to run their practice with one goal in mind: improving the health of each individual they treat.

As a Paladina Health physician, you are compensated according to three metrics:

  • Patient experience
  • Cost savings
  • Health outcomes

Because of this realignment of incentives, you’re able to get the full picture of a patient’s health and base your decisions accordingly. Your patients are more likely to adhere to your advice because they know you’ve their best interests in mind. Getting to know your patients and building a trusting relationship that causes genuine health improvement and job satisfaction, that’s what Paladina Health offers.

Quality of Care

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Time Spent with Provider

Know your patients and their health

The first time a Paladina Health physician meets a patient will likely be at their comprehensive physical exam. This initial appointment is meant to provide the physician with as much background on a patient’s medical history as possible. The patient-physician relationship only grows from there, as your appointments are never rushed and your goals are focused solely on patient health. Paladina Health gives you the freedom to do your job to the very best of your abilities, and you get to see the results every time you interact with a patient.

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Your medical expertise put to good use

Primary care physicians are more than capable of handling the bulk of a patient’s health needs, they just don’t have the time or resources to do it. So they end up referring their patients to specialists for treatment that could be taken care of in a primary care setting. This is expensive for the patient and unsatisfying for the physician. Your expertise should be used for more than quick appointments and stacks of paperwork.

Paladina Health makes the primary care physician accountable for 85 to 90 percent of a person’s healthcare needs and makes sure they’re guiding any treatment that falls outside of that. When a patient needs to go to several different sources for their healthcare they can get conflicting advice and health information that’s scattered among other medical facilities. A Paladina Health doctor is responsible for being the central point of care for each patient, so your treatment is more informed and more precise.

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