Individuals: How It Works

Individuals: Step 1-Enroll


If Paladina Health is already part of your benefits package, sign up in just a few minutes.

Individuals: Step 2-Engage


Schedule your first appointment by calling your doctor's office or logging in to the health portal.

Individuals: Step 3-Experience


Get a personalized primary care experience from your trusted Paladina Health doctor.

How Paladina Health works for you—and your family

If Paladina Health is a part of your benefits package, you may be wondering how it works. Understand how our model works for you and your family.

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Imagine the doctor’s office, the way it used to be… where doctors knew their patients and their families, and took great care of them all.

These days, doctors are so hard to reach you often skip going. And, if you do manage to get an appointment, you’ll probably spend more time in the waiting room than you do with the doctor and who knows how much it’ll cost. Watch this short video to learn how Paladina Health works differently for our patients.

Individuals: How it works-Comprehensive care

Get 80-90% of your healthcare in one place

A broad scope of services with Paladina Health—for the whole family. 

Services snapshot

  • Primary, urgent, and preventive care by board-certified doctors 
  • Pediatrics, including well-child visits
  • Referral management and care coordination
  • Onsite labs and prescriptions*
  • Health risk assessment
  • Active management of chronic diseases
  • Basic vision and hearing screening**
  • Fitness and nutrition coaching

*Due to some state and local laws, not all locations have onsite pharmacy. To learn more, contact your doctor's office directly.
**Some locations do not offer vision and hearing services.

Central point of care

Individuals: How it works-More time

Time Spent with Provider

Get more time with your doctor

With Paladina Health, you'll get

  • Longer appointments—and more face-time with your doctor
  • A primary care doctor who is an advocate for all your healthcare needs
  • Partnership in your health based on the trusting relationship built with your doctor
  • Access to your doctor when needed—over the phone, by email or at the doctor's office
  • Coordination of care with other physicians and specialists to help you navigate through the healthcare system

Individuals: How it works-Fewer patients

And a doctor who knows you

Many primary care doctors have as many as 3,000 patients. Paladina Health doctors have 70 percent fewer patients than a typical primary care doctor—allowing them the time and the flexibility to truly get to know you and your health. 

"My wife and I have our Paladina Health doctor to thank for finding a 
serious issue with my wife’s heart, and saving her life. I am forever grateful
—my wife is my ‘everything’—and our doctor is our angel."

– Jeff, Paladina Health patient

Patient Panel Comparison

Individuals: How It Works-Save money

Number of face to face visits per year

Save money

Imagine: No co-pays. No co-insurance. Many labs are at no cost. This, and up to 50 generic drugs onsite at low cost.

With Paladina Health, you can see your doctor as much or as little as needed—all without costly co-pays.*

And, if you have chronic conditions, you may be seeing costly specialists and coordinating your care on your own. With Paladina Health, you can likely eliminate many of those specialist visits—and get access to your Paladina Health doctor without any co-pays.

*For those contributing to an HSA, some fees may be required for non-preventive services.

Individuals: How it works-Healthier

Plus, get healthier

And, for many of our patients, getting healthier is a priority. With Paladina Health's combination of access to your doctor and care team, convenience, and broad scope of services—many of our patients' overall health improves.

In fact, 79 percent feel their health has improved. And, nearly 40 percent feel their health has significantly improved as a result of Paladina Health.

Now is the time. Get healthcare you deserve with Paladina Health.

Health Improvement

Note: Paladina Health is typically offered at no cost to patients through employer-provided health plans. If you are unsure of your eligibility through your health plan, contact Paladina Health Member Services. Also, if you wish to join Paladina Health independently, contact Paladina Health Member Services.