Cultivate a Healthier Workforce

A Healthier Workforce is Within Reach

Value Big Left: Concentrated Spending

The numbers are stacked against you

Employers understand that keeping your employees healthy is vital to productivity. Driving long-term health improvement can seem out of reach for employers, considering these numbers:

Nearly half of all Americans are at risk for heart disease and nearly one in 10 are diabetic. Up to 80 percent of chronic illnesses such as these could be prevented or treated, and yet chronic conditions account for 75 percent of an employer’s per-member per-month (PMPM) health expenditures.

Behind these numbers is a simple fact: The traditional healthcare system is failing both employers and employees.

Healthcare spending highly concentrated

Value Big Right: What does Paladina Health do?

Patient Panel Comparison

What Paladina Health does differently

Key difference: direct physician access

Our program reduces the average patient panel size for physicians by 70 percent compared to typical primary care physicians, allowing for high-touch patient care. 

Our physicians are easy to reach by secure email, 24/7 phone access, same- or next-day appointments for urgent needs. And, our physicians are unhurried, seeing 1/3 of the patients each day compared to their peers in fee-for-service primary care settings. 

Value Big Right: Face Visits DELETE

Key difference: reduced barriers limiting care

Our program lowers out-of-pocket costs for patients—with no co-pays or co-insurance for patients. This means that even cost-sensitive patients who need care, get the care they need.

This, combined with our data-driven approach to primary care that pinpoints those at risk for chronic conditions and increases engagement for those individuals, at no additional cost to the patient. The result of this is simple: more visits for patients with more risks

And, the ultimate result is Paladina Health meeting or exceeding the HMO average for hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol control. 

Number of face to face visits per year

Value Big Right: Toria DELETE

“My Paladina Health doctor makes me feel like I can be honest and proactive about my health. I have a chronic condition and she helps me by encouraging me and sharing resources—and she’s always a phone call away, which gives me peace of mind…With the help of my Paladina Health doctor, I’m so much happier since losing 15 lbs.!”

– Toria, Paladina Health patient
Denver, Colorado

Value Big Left: Diabetic costs DELETE

Key difference: accountability

Our physicians are accountable for the health, engagement, and satisfaction of their patient panels. This means that managing costly and difficult chronic conditions such as diabetes is top-of-mind for physicians. And, engaging those patients regularly in their care—in many cases on a daily or weekly basis.

By engaging patients and delivering personalized, relationship-based care—our physicians improve the overall management of diabetes and lower the costs associated with out-of-control diabetes. 

Quantifying diabetic costs

How Paladina Health partners in your entire workforce's health

Even an organization with a largely healthy workforce will find that Paladina Health is an excellent resource for employees and their families.

Take Casey, a woman in her 20s who is enrolled with Paladina Health through her employer. After dislocating her knee, Casey was being sent down a path that would likely lead to expensive specialists and, ultimately, surgery and a long physical therapy process. Before this could occur, Casey’s Paladina Health physician was able to intervene.

Value Big Left: Casey DELETE

Casey Story

As a result, she was able to avoid surgery altogether, and was back to normal and back to work quicker than any surgery could have allowed.

“I truly believe that if it wasn’t for Paladina Health, I wouldn’t be back to where I am.”

Value Big Left: 10-year health spending DELETE

Essentially, the Paladina Health program enables you to lower the barriers to high-quality healthcare that your workforce may currently be facing, intervening at key times to redirect care and improve healthcare system use.

And the results after implementing the Paladina Health program? City of Arvada, Colorado City Manager Mark Deven describes his experience:

“One, our claims to our medical plan provider are going down. And secondly, chronic kinds of health issues that were perhaps not managed as well as they could have been are now being managed better so that the employees are much healthier.”

Healthier employees using the healthcare system correctly save employers money, and that’s what Paladina Health delivers.

10 year healthcare spending per person