Why Should I Schedule My First Appointment Now?

Why should I schedule my first Paladina Health appointment now? 

As a Paladina Health member, we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by all that our providers can do for you in the office. Our broad scope of services are just one thing that makes us different from other healthcare providers. As part of our difference, we encourage our patients to come into the office once they've enrolled, even if they aren't sick or in immediate need of a doctor. 

This initial appointment allows your provider to get to know you - your medical history, your health and wellness goals, and any concerns you might have. Then, when you do need a doctor, you'll have an established relationship with a provider that you know and trust. 

In the video below, Paladina Health providers describe exactly what you can expect at a first appointment. 

Ready to get started?

Get your first appointment scheduled in a matter of minutes using the online patient portal. If you need help or have questions, our Member Services team is available to assist you at 1-866-808-6005 or MemberServices@paladinahealth.com

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