What’s the Meaning Behind the Paladina Health Shield?

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November 23, 2015

What’s the Meaning Behind the Paladina Health Shield?

Paladina Health Shield

Ever wonder how an organization came up with their name or logo? We do too. So we thought we’d share the story behind Paladina Health and what our branded shield means to us.  At Paladina Health, our shield has far more meaning than just a logo. It stands for who we are. And, really what is most important, are the visionary people behind the shield. 

Champions of our noble cause: transforming healthcare

At Paladina Health, we share a common vision to be the leader in transforming how primary care is delivered for our patients, providers, and clients.

“Paladina” is derived from the word “paladin”, which translates to champion or defender of a noble cause. As paladins, we see our noble cause as positively impacting the health and well-being of our patients and changing the primary care landscape as a whole. Our branded shield reminds us every day that we are advocates and protectors of our patients’ health.  We stand alongside our patients, supporting them within a healthcare system that is very broken; a system we are committed to fixing by making primary care more accessible and affordable.

Shielding against: poor health and high healthcare costs

The U.S. healthcare system is the most expensive in the world, yet it underperforms compared to other countries on most dimensions of health measures, access, efficiency, and quality performance. Paladina Health is delivering an innovative approach to the way healthcare has historically been delivered, financed, and experienced. At Paladina Health, we are working towards fixing what’s broken and addressing the main causes of poor quality and escalating costs in the healthcare system. We’re carrying forward the paladin mission to shield our patients and their employers from the challenges they face in the healthcare system, including: lack of prompt physician access, care coordination, and transparency into cost and quality.

Our beginnings: aiming to improve healthcare

At Paladina Health, we have a fundamental belief that together we can transform the healthcare system. We started our organization from a clean sheet of paper and continue to write a new script for our Direct Primary Care Medical Home model along with our strategic partners. How are we making changes? Paladina Health provides our clients’ employees and their families with proactive primary care through 24/7 access to a personal physician, which helps to improve patient experience at a lower cost. We believe the key is to maximize the effectiveness of preventive medicine and well-care instead of continuing to treat diseases after they’ve become costly and complex.

Our goal is to offer our clients the opportunity to achieve differentiated results in three important areas: superior patient experience, improved health measures, and lower overall healthcare costs. So, we’re not carrying the Paladina Health shield alone – we’re in good company with a variety of organizations seeking ways to improve health and lower healthcare costs.

In the words of one of our patients, “...we can count on Paladina to be there when we need them, not when it’s convenient for them. They care about me as a person not just a patient.” – Paladina Health patient, Irving, Texas

Learn more about the Paladina Health Direct Primary Care Medical Home model.

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