Paladina Health Increases Access to Healthcare in Rural Colorado Under Everside Brand with New Location for State Employees and Their Families

Paladina Health Increases Access to Healthcare in Rural Colorado Under Everside Brand with New Location for State Employees and Their Families

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Montrose Trailhead Clinic

Direct primary care clinic in Montrose improves healthcare access to Coloradans in underserved rural areas 

DENVER (Jan. 14, 2021) – Paladina Health, which now operates as Everside Health, the nation’s second-largest provider of direct primary care, announced a new location to serve State of Colorado employees and their families on the Western Slope. State employees and their dependents can now receive care at the Trailhead Clinics Montrose facility, where they will have nearly unlimited 24/7 access to a healthcare provider. 

The State of Colorado offers its employees direct primary care as an added benefit, in addition to traditional health insurance. Data shows that employees with easy and affordable access to preventive care are more motivated, have fewer absences from work, and often recover from sicknesses more quickly. A healthy workforce is also more productive and more engaged with its work.  

“We are thrilled for our state employees and their families to have access to the Trailhead Clinics Montrose facility on the Western Slope,” said Kara Veitch, Executive Director of the Department of Personnel and Administration. “As a large employer whose workforce reaches every corner of our state, the State of Colorado aims to provide increased access to affordable, high-quality care for every employee regardless of their ZIP code. This is a step closer toward that goal.”   

“Trailhead Clinics is thrilled to add an additional location to provide healthcare services to the dedicated State of Colorado employees who live in Montrose and surrounding communities, where healthcare is more expensive and less accessible than in other parts of our State,” said Dr. Robert Boyer, founder of Trailhead Clinics. "We could not be more pleased to have the honor of taking care of Colorado's finest in the Grand Junction area, and we are looking forward to doing the same in the Montrose area. We are proud to serve Colorado employees and their families and help them achieve their health and wellness goals.”

The State of Colorado has partnered with Paladina Health (now operating as Everside Health) for the past five years to provide onsite and near-site primary care services to State workers. Under the partnership, in 2019 alone, the State saved more than $1.4 million on healthcare claims costs, which was equal to a savings of $47 per member per month. The partnership has resulted in measurable improvements to the overall health of the State’s workforce, and patient satisfaction surveys show employees value direct primary care both for its convenience and for the increased face time they receive with a provider who is well versed on their medical history. Patients also have access to 24/7 virtual care.

“We are pleased to provide a service aligned with the State of Colorado’s goals to improve the health of its employees, reduce the total cost of care, and expand access to quality healthcare in rural Colorado,” said Chris Miller, CEO of Everside Health. “As a Denver-based company, it’s especially meaningful to us to be able to work with our State to improve the health and lives of the people who live here.”

Everside Health serves a wide range of clients throughout the U.S. across multiple sectors and operates clinics for a significant number of unions and Taft-Hartley plans. It also has partnerships with several health systems including Common Spirit Health (which was created by the alignment of Catholic Health Initiatives and Dignity Health), SSM Health and The Christ Hospital.

About Everside Health

Everside Health, formerly Paladina Health, Activate Healthcare and Healthstat, is the second largest direct primary care provider in the U.S., operating 350 health clinics in 32 states located at or near the facilities of its employer, union and other benefit sponsor clients. Everside’s data-driven, patient-centric healthcare delivery model aligns incentives to benefit the patient, the physician and the benefit provider, all while reducing the total cost of care. Patients receive convenient, low- or no-cost access to physicians and 24/7 virtual care, reducing the need for costly ER use. Everside Health, as its former Paladina Health entity, was consistently recognized for clinical outcomes that exceed HEDIS commercial PPO benchmarks, and its clients typically reduce their overall healthcare costs by 20%. Everside Health is based in Denver. For more information, visit