Paladina Health Beat - May/June 2015

Paladina Health Beat - May/June 2015

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Making Good Health a Top Priority

Whether you’re a mother, father or caregiver to a family member, it’s important to take care of your own health and well-being so you can continue to care for those you love. We applaud your commitment to caring for your family, you are our heroes; but don’t let caring for yourself drop to the bottom of the list. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately one out of every two U.S. adults has at least one chronic illness, many of which are preventable. The good news is that there are a few simple steps that can easily be taken to improve your health and prevent health problems.

What You’ll Get In This Issue:

  • 5 Tips for Staying Healthy
  • A Mother’s Story ― Learning to Care for Herself
  • Ask Paladina Health
  • Snapshot of Services
  • Paladina Health for the Whole Family

5 Tips for Staying Healthy

  1. Make a wellness appointment with your doctor
  2. Do a skin and body check for any unusual changes
  3. Know your biometric numbers
  4. Ensure you’re up-to-date with your vaccinations e.g tetanus
  5. Get coaching from your doctor on healthy lifestyle choices

Log in to the portal at to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the management of your health.

A Mother’s Story ― Learning to Care for Herself Again

“The Paladina Health practice has changed the way look at my personal healthcare. As a mother, the rest of my family has always come first. At my initial appointment, my physician reminded me that I must take care of myself too. My physician took the time to learn about me specifically, determine my needs that I had neglected in years past, and provide me with the tools to keep myself healthy.”

 Paladina Health patient

Ask Paladina Health

“What healthcare services are available from my doctor?”

Paladina Health doctors offer a scope of services that is broader than a typical primary care practice, so you’ll be able to receive more of your care provided through the Paladina Health clinic. You’ll also get help in navigating the healthcare system when you need specialist care that cannot be provided at the Paladina Health clinic.

Snapshot of Services

You get 80-90% of your healthcare in one place

  • Primary, urgent, and preventive care by board-certified doctors
  • Many dermatological, orthopedic and podiatric services commonly performed by specialists
  • Pediatrics, including well-child visits
  • Referral management and care coordination
  • Onsite labs and prescriptions*
  • Health risk assessment
  • Active management of chronic diseases
  • Basic vision and hearing screening**
  • Fitness and nutrition coaching

*Due to some state and local laws, not all clinics have onsite pharmacy. To learn more, contact your clinic directly.
**Some clinics do not offer vision and hearing services.

Paladina Health for the Whole Family

Find out how Paladina Health doctors are helping parents proactively manage their children’s health and well-being.

"With my old pediatrician, I would feel like I was wasting the doctor’s time if my son wasn’t very sick. At Paladina Health, my doctor says, 'That’s why we’re here.'”

— Amber, Paladina Health patient
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Matin - Fazia Story
“The doctors at Paladina Health have provided great care for my entire family and always take the time to listen to and care for us.”

— Matin, Paladina Health patient 
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