Healthy growth for DaVita primary-care unit

Healthy growth for DaVita primary-care unit

Paladina Health is not yet four years old, but it operates 54 clinics in 13 states and just won the business of the state of Colorado. Paladina offers patients around-the-clock access to its doctors, whether via phone or email or at clinics that are open during typical work hours, often on the campuses of large employers.

Though just a fraction of the 50,000 employees at the 37 clients it serves have signed up for the program, company officials said the slowly increasing percentage of eligible workers turning to it for their primary-care needs has made them confident of the model.

Kim Burgess, chief human resources officer for the state of Colorado, said the government began offering the program to its workers in July to encourage workers to take more control of their health care.

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