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Hear from Dr. Rene Kurowski about her experiences as a Paladina Health physician and how her patients inspire her.

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One of the biggest contributing factors to the primary physician shortage is doctor burnout. Today's primary care physician is forced to work in an overwhelming and too often unrewarding medical environment. Here's why many modern doctors are burning out at an alarming rate.

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This annual report highlights recently published clinical, quality, and financial outcomes of patient-centered medical home (PCMH) initiatives from across the United States.


Toria was diagnosed with diabetes and struggled to work with her primary care physician to control it. With the help of her Paladina Health doctor, Toria is in control of her condition and has lost 15 pounds!

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Dr. Bajaj to oversee medical group, drive future of innovative primary care model

DENVER (March 24, 2015) – Paladina Health, an innovative primary care approach to delivering quality care while reducing health care costs, announced today that Dr. Jennifer Bajaj, M.D., MPH, has joined the company as its chief medical officer (CMO). Dr. Bajaj brings over 15 years of progressive clinical management and physician leadership experience to Paladina Health. 


“My son was struggling with a skin condition for a long time and we tried many doctors, but nothing was working. Finally, we went to the Paladina Health clinic and the doctor was able to solve the issue right away. After this success, my other son went to see him as well and came home ready to change his health. My wife and I were amazed. After receiving wonderful care from her new physician, she also decided to switch completely from her old one. The doctors at Paladina Health have provided great care for my entire family and always take the time to listen to and care for us.

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“When I dislocated my knee, I didn’t know what to do, who to call or what the next step was. After my trip to the ER, I was hesitant to visit the Paladina Health clinic, thinking “what is a primary care physician going to do about my dislocated knee?” I was in a pretty rough state.

My visit to the Paladina Health clinic was amazing. My doctor acknowledged my fears and promised she would help me. She found me a physical therapist that lived near my home and relieved a lot of my stress during a time when I had no idea where to start and she made it easy to move forward.


My first visit to the Paladina Health clinic was awesome. I felt unrushed and had one-on-one time with my doctor. My Paladina Health doctor’s attention to care was beyond anything I’ve received from any other doctor. It really does feel like my doctor cares about me and remembers me.

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“I have a chronic heart condition, so I’ve been in and out of hospitals and doctors’ offices since I was 6 months old, in addition to having had multiple surgeries. After dislocating my ankle, I went into the Paladina Health clinic. I was so impressed at how friendly, approachable and responsive my doctor was. With previous doctors, I was used to rushing through a shortened medical history of my 10 surgeries, because they never had enough time to hear everything.


Tyler's mom, Meredith shares Tyler's Paladina Health story:

My teenage son Tyler was having ongoing stomach troubles and we had talked to his pediatrician about it many times. He was repeatedly prescribed over-the-counter medications by the pediatrician, which weren’t helping. His condition worsened and my once-active son was missing lacrosse practices—and didn’t want to go far from home. I took him to the Paladina Health clinic as a last resort. That was when everything changed.

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