UCAR welcomes you to Paladina Health!

UCAR is pleased to offer Paladina Health to employees and eligible dependents across the Front Range.

Plus, pay no co-pays or co-insurance for preventive care delivered through Paladina Health.

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Convenient Care

Get access to your physician around the clock for urgent needs by cell phone. Plus, get same- or next-day appointments for urgent needs.

Clients: Save Money-Small

Save Money

Get care with low or no co-pays. Plus, save money on things like specialists and urgent care visits with our broad scope of services.

Clients: Experienced Physicians-Small

Experienced Physicians

Enroll in Paladina Health to get direct access to an experienced physician—your physician—whose goal is to help you be the healthiest you can be.

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Get These Benefits & More

Sign up for Paladina Health to:

  • Partner with an experienced primary care physician who delivers a broad scope of care, including primary and preventive care, chronic disease management, urgent care, and coordination with specialists and hospitals.
  • Access your physician 24/7 via cell for urgent needs, or email or visit your physician at a convenient location.
  • Save money. Most services are free, with no co-pays or co-insurance.*

*For those contributing to an HSA, some fees may be required for non-preventive services.

Central point of care

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Learn About Your Benefit

Imagine the doctor’s office, the way it used to be… where doctors knew their patients and their families, and took great care of them all.

With your Paladina Health benefit, you get a modern approach to the way healthcare used to be. Watch this short video to learn how Paladina Health works differently for our patients.

What is Paladina Health?
Paladina Health is a provider of primary care service that is at the forefront of innovation in healthcare. It operates patient-centered medical homes where patients can get most of the medical services they need from an experienced physician, usually at a much lower cost than with other providers. Paladina Health physicians are dedicated to serving an employers’ population, are highly accessible at convenient clinic locations and are held accountable for delivering great care and service. These physicians provide a personal level of service and are available around-the-clock, seven days a week, for consultation by cell phone or email.

Why is UCAR offering this benefit?
For years, our employees have shared the burden of escalating healthcare costs without any comparable improvement in the quality of the care they receive, the amount of time they spend with their physicians or the access they get to their providers. With Paladina Health, we believe our employees and their family members will receive higher quality healthcare, improve their long-term health and lower their annual healthcare costs.

What’s in this for UCAR?
UCAR hopes to prevent future healthcare premium increases, which negatively impact our employees. We expect to see long-term healthcare cost savings from the health gains realized by the employees and their family members who become members. Overtime, we also believe this will be a valued employee benefit.

Who is eligible to sign up for Paladina Health?
All UCAR employees and their eligible dependents that are on the Cigna high-deductible health plan are eligible to get Paladina Health services. Employees in the Kaiser Health Plan are not eligible to sign up for Paladina Health.

How does this work with my health insurance?
As with your current provider, preventive care does not cost you anything. Non-preventive services are competitively priced and are billed to you until your deductible is met. You also may use your health savings account (HSA) for non-preventive services.

What is different about Paladina Health compared to my current primary care provider?
Paladina Health provides primary care services for you and your family, but is not just another primary care provider. As a Paladina Health patient, you get your physician’s cell phone number to call 24/7 for urgent needs. Paladina Health physicians offer a scope of services that is broader than a typical primary care practice, so you’ll be able to receive more of your care provided through the Paladina Health clinic. You’ll also get help and assistance to navigate the healthcare system when you need specialist services or care that cannot be provided at the Paladina Health clinic.

How much does Paladina Health cost me?
Paladina Health membership is at no cost to you. Preventive services are free for members. You will be charged for the cost of your acute or non-preventive service. However, Paladina Health rates are, on average, lower than what you pay through other providers. There is no cost for phone, email or other remote interactions with your physician. A number of health issues can be handled remotely without the inconvenience of coming in for an appointment. This differs from a traditional fee for service provider who only receives payment when they see a patient in-person. Our physicians are salaried and are held accountable for improving your health.