Welcome to Altais Powered by Paladina Health - MCSIG

MCSIG introduces a new benefit: Altais Powered by Paladina Health, giving you access to comprehensive primary care and behavioral health services. 

These services are now available to you and your family for virtual care appointments via video or phone, or in-person care at convenient clinic locations in Monterey  and Salinas. You can address multiple health concerns in one visit and see the same provider each time.

With this new benefit, you receive 24/7 access to your care team for urgent needs, same- or next-day appointments, and the ability to manage multiple health concerns during a single visit.

Municipalities, Colleges, Schools Insurance Group (MCSIG) welcomes you to Altais Powered by Paladina Health!

MCSIG is pleased to offer Altais Powered by Paladina Health to eligible staff and dependents.

Altais Monterey Ryan Ranch

Phone: (831) 920-3920

Note: This location is not open to the public. If you are unsure if you have access to this location, please contact the doctor's office directly.

Providers serving this location

Hours of operation

Monday: 6:30am - 4:30pm
Tuesday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Wednesday: 6:30am - 4:30pm
Thursday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Friday: 6:30am - 10:30am

Altais Salinas North Main Street

Phone: 8312693346

Note: This location is not open to the public. If you are unsure if you have access to this location, please contact the doctor's office directly.

Providers serving this location

Hours of operation

Monday: 6:30a - 5:30p
Tuesday: 7a - 6p
Wednesday: 6:30a - 5:30p
Thursday: 7a - 6p
Friday: 6:30a - 12:30p

Altais Meet Your Provider: Sarah Keihany, FNP

Sarah Keihany

Meet Your Provider Sarah Keihany, FNP

Sarah Keihany, a family nurse practitioner, earned her Master of Science degree in Nursing (MSN) in 2015 from the highly ranked nursing program at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia. After completing her MSN, Sarah moved to Long Beach, California, and began her career as a family nurse practitioner at a federally qualified health center where she cared for the underserved population in Long Beach for four years. 

A keen listener, she focuses on gathering the information she needs to obtain the right answers without jumping to conclusions or making assumptions about a patient’s condition. Her goal is for patients to leave her office feeling that they were heard and, most of all, trusting in their shared plan to obtain positive health outcomes.

Altais Meet Your Provider: Michelle Hustedt, PA

Michelle Hustedt

Meet Your Provider Michelle Hustedt, PA

Michelle Hustedt graduated with a Master of Health Services in Physician Assistant (PA) Studies from the University of California, Davis in 2017. She then began practicing as a PA, providing primary care, urgent care and occupational medicine services to individuals throughout Monterey County, CA. There, Michelle had the opportunity to work in several different regions within the community and provide a wide range of healthcare services, including urgent and same-day visits, preventive care counseling, and complex chronic disease treatment.

She believes in getting to know her patients, providing thorough and compassionate care, and fostering trusting and collaborative provider-patient relationships that will lead to better health outcomes.

Altais Meet Your Provider: Dr. Simon

Meet Your Provider: Dr. Margaret Simon

An experienced family medicine physician, Dr. Simon cherishes the time she spends with her patients. She believes that hearing their stories and actively listening to their concerns fosters a strong doctor-patient relationship that all patients deserve. She insists on providing thorough, high-quality, evidence-based medical care and strives to do so with compassion and humor.

Dr. Simon spent 9 years in small physician-owned practices delivering high-quality, patient-centered care to families in the Salinas Valley. Most recently, she has worked with the primary care and urgent care teams at Kaiser Permanente in Watsonville, CA. She is Board Certified in Family Medicine and on the medical staff of Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. She has been a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the California Academy of Family Physicians for 15 years.

Altais Meet Your Provider: Livingston

Meet Your Provider: Dr. James Livingston

James Livingston, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist with years of experience treating patients in a wide range of settings and circumstances. He joined the Altais Powered by Paladina Health team to provide health psychology services for his community, and he is excited to be a part of establishing a clinic that empowers patients to achieve their health goals. Over the years, he has trained hundreds of psychologists, teaching them to deeply listen, follow where their patients lead them, and go at their patient’s pace. This is the way that Dr. Livingston continues to work with his patients today.

Visits with Dr. Livingston require a referral from a primary care provider. Members of Altais Powered by Paladina Health are invited to schedule a visit with Dr. Simon to coordinate a referral. Referrals from another primary care provider may be faxed to 978-645-6921. 

Altais - Care at Your Fingertips

Care at Your Fingertips

With virtual visits conducted over the phone or via video, you can see your provider from the comfort of your own home. 

What is Altais Powered by Paladina Health?

Altais Powered by Paladina Health is a provider of primary care and behavioral health services that is at the forefront of innovation in healthcare. Patients can get most of the medical services they need from an experienced provider, with trust and ease. Our highly-accessible providers are dedicated to delivering a personal level of care and service to your employer’s population. These services are available to your and your family for both virtual and in-person appointments at our new clinics in Monterey and Salinas You can address multiple health concerns in one visit and see the same provider each time (with both virtual and in-person care).

Who is eligible to utilize Altais Powered by Paladina Health?

All employees and their eligible dependents who are members of MCSIG, reside in Monterey county and have the MCSIG/Blue Shield of California medical benefits plan are eligible to use these services. You may choose to register yourself and/or any of your eligible dependents for use of the services. Employees retain the same access to other Blue Shield of California in-network providers.

Why is MCSIG offering this benefit?

In partnership with MCSIG, your insurance provider, Blue Shield of California is offering you this benefit to improve your access to comprehensive primary care and specialized care services. They are collaborating with Altais and Paladina Health to deliver more of the high-quality healthcare services you are used to, from experienced providers, ultimately to help you receive the care you need and improve your overall health. 

How are you different from an urgent care clinic?

As a provider of comprehensive primary care services with dedicated care teams, we don’t have the long wait times that you may experience at a walk-in clinic or the limitations in care you may experience at an urgent care clinic. Our providers offer a broad scope of services for up to 90% of your healthcare needs; everything from urgent care and routine check-ups to chronic condition management and behavioral health needs. You also have the ability to schedule same day, next day or virtual visits and have access to your care team 24/7.  

What is different about Altais Powered by Paladina Health compared to my current primary care provider?

We provide primary care services for you and your family, but we are not like a traditional primary care clinic– our scope of services is broader. This means you’ll receive more of your care from your Paladina provider, instead of going to multiple providers’ offices to address all your healthcare needs. Our providers can treat 90% of your healthcare needs, including specialized services like behavioral health to help you and your family manage your overall well-being. You’ll also receive assistance in navigating the healthcare system when you need care that cannot be provided at the Paladina Health clinic. Also, our appointment times are typically longer than the average primary care visit allowing you to address all your healthcare needs in a single visit. And you will have access to your care team evenings and weekends through our after-hours phone line.

If I already have a primary care doctor, do I have to switch to an Altais Powered by Paladina Health doctor? 

This new service is an additional option to your existing MCSIG health plan and you do not have to register with Altais Powered by Paladina Health, or see their providers to continue using the MCSIG health plan. If you do choose to register and use these additional services, you can continue to see any provider that is in the Blue Shield of California network, while also accessing Altais Powered by Paladina Health providers. If you choose to register and utilize these services, we also recommend that your Paladina Health provider become your first point of contact. Due to the limited number of patients managed by Paladina Health providers, you will experience a meaningful patient-provider relationship, high-quality care, and easy access to care when you need it. This means you might be able to avoid an expensive trip to the ER or visits to multiple specialists. Should you need care that extends beyond their scope, your Paladina Health care team will coordinate all referrals within the appropriate specialty network. As such, we recommend that immediately after registering, you schedule your first appointment and get to know your providers. Paladina Health is an in-network provider but may not appear in the Blue Shield of California physician directory, and that is OK. You can still utilize these services as part of your in-network providers. 

What if I have a pediatrician for my children I already like?

Our providers are fully trained in pediatrics and can be another option for your children’s healthcare. Typically, it takes less time to get an appointment at the Paladina Health provider’s office than it does in a pediatrician’s office. Also, your Paladina Health care team is available 24/7 via phone for urgent needs, including nights and weekends.

What happens if I am experiencing an urgent health issue after hours? Or I am away from home?

After an initial personal evaluation, the doctor will provide a phone number to utilize for urgent needs after hours

Does choosing the Altais Powered by Paladina Health option increase my healthcare costs?

No. Paladina Health providers are in-network as part of your Blue Shield of California medical plan, which means you will pay the same primary provider co-pay for a visit that you do for any other primary care in-network provider. When you see in-network providers, including Paladina Health providers, you can avoid costly visits to out of network providers, urgent care or the ER.

How experienced are the providers?

Paladina Health physicians are dedicated, board-certified or board-eligible, usually with 10 or more years of experience as practicing physicians. Other members of our care teams (advanced practitioners and nurse practitioners) are highly experienced and work closely with the physicians. Our care teams have 70 percent fewer patients than a typical primary care team, allowing them to spend more time with you when you need it, start appointments on time and provide you with appointment availability in the timeframe that meets your needs. 

I take a lot of medications. How will you make it easier for me to manage refills and changes in dosages?

Many refill requests and many dosage adjustments can be handled virtually with your provider and called in to your pharmacy of choice without the need for an in-person office visit. Once the clinics open, you can get many common medications right at the office. Paladina Health dispenses approximately 50 commonly prescribed generic medications, including medications for chronic conditions. This means that you can walk out of your appointment with most of the medications you need for treatment in-hand. The costs for these medications are usually lower than if obtained through a pharmacy. 

Why should I sign up now if I’m not sick currently? Why not wait until I am sick?

Injuries and illnesses inevitably happen on weekends and evenings when most doctors’ practices are closed. That is usually the time you most need access to a trusted medical professional. You’ll have 24/7 access to your doctor via phone for just this reason. However, it is important to first build a relationship with your care provider. You will want your doctor to know you, your medical history and your health concerns long before you get sick. Plus, Paladina Health employs screening protocols that may catch a health issue that can be treated, preventing something from becoming an urgent situation.

How do I register my dependents?

Registering your dependents is easy. Just visit Provided they are covered by your MCSIG Blue Shield of California plan, your dependents will benefit from the same exceptional service that you do. You and your eligible dependents can register at any time by calling Paladina Health Member Services at 1-866-808-6005. Registration is not tied to your health plan’s open enrollment period.

What if I’m not ready to sign up now, but may want to later?

You may register for Altais Powered by Paladina Health at any time by visiting or

How do I register?

Register online in minutes. Visit to create your online account, choose your provider and schedule an appointment.

Or, contact Paladina Health Member Services at 1-866-808-6005 or email