Doctor Burnout: Everybody's Health Problem

April 22, 2015

Doctor Burnout: Everybody's Health Problem

The healthcare system, in its current form, is still trying to find ways to get more people cared for, get that care to them at an affordable rate, and maintain the high value of the care being administered. Patients often take the brunt of the consequence when the healthcare system shows some of its ugly flaws and inconsistencies.

But patients are not the only ones suffering as a result of a system that seems to favor doctors that see as many patients as possible in as little time as possible. A primary care physician knowingly signs up for a stressful job, but the workload put on these individuals are a prime example of why the fee-for-service system simply does not work for anyone involved. In this article from Kaiser, we see the very real ramifications that come from a physician that is burnt out. Here are a few points from the article that resonated with us at Paladina Health.

Not enough time in the day

Your doctor, in all likelihood, wants to see you for longer and wants to give you more in-depth medical analysis. A provider in Arizona named Lawrence Gassner said “I always felt rushed… I always felt I was cutting my patients off.” This is a widely-shared sentiment among care providers in the US, often forcing them to leave medicine altogether after feeling like they just aren’t able to treat their patients the way they should.

At Paladina Health, we ensure that your appointment with your doctor is not a quick once-over of your medical needs. This often leads to missed signals and more problems down the line. Your health is complicated and it should be treated with attentive, informed care. A doctor that has to treat five more patients in the next hour will find it difficult to provide that kind of care.

Unhappy doctors, unhappy patients

With the rigid demands on doctors we see in today’s system, there’s a definite correlation between a doctor that’s burnt out and a patient who leaves their appointment unsatisfied. Studies have shown that patients of burnt out doctors are less likely to follow their treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure. A doctor that’s able to provide in-depth care is happier with their job, and their patients can tell the difference.

The possible result

The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates the United States will be short an alarming 45,000 primary care physicians by the year 2020. The healthcare system is failing the people that are on the receiving end of the medical care, that’s not been a secret. But now we are seeing the effects of a system that has also been failing its providers.

Paladina Health believes that both providers and patients deserve quality service, an environment that promotes healthy living, and a cost structure that is fair to everyone. Be a part of a change for the better and enroll with Paladina Health to get the care you and your family deserve.

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