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Our Program

Understand how the Paladina Health model works, and how it can change your life.

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Our Leaders

Meet the Paladina Health leadership team of experienced healthcare innovators.

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Our Physicians

Explore how Paladina Health enables physicians to be their patients' central point of care.

About Us: The Model

About Paladina Health Direct Primary Care

The Paladina Health direct primary care model is based on a physician-access approach to primary care. We give patients direct access to their physician—and keep physician patient panels about 70 percent lower than traditional primary care practices. We combine increased physician access with a data-driven approach to healthcare to deliver results for our clients and patients.

Our program is designed to increase patient engagement, enabling physicians to:

  • Improve overall health in the patient population
  • Drive better, more appropriate healthcare system use
Patient Panel Comparison

About Us: For Patients

Time Spent with Provider

What Paladina Health Patients Get

Paladina Health patients have access to continuity of care in ways most patients do not:

  • Direct access to an experienced primary care physician—including longer appointments and 24/7 after hours phone access for urgent needs
  • Easy-to-schedule appointments with significantly shorter appointment wait times
  • No co-pays or co-insurance, minimizing the cost barrier to accessing the healthcare system
  • Telemedicine benefits, including phone appointments and secure email with the physician
  • Convenient locations

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What is Paladina Health?

Imagine the doctor’s office, the way it used to be… where doctors knew their patients and their families, and took great care of them all.

These days, doctors are so hard to reach you often skip going. And, if you do manage to get an appointment, you’ll probably spend more time in the waiting room than you do with the doctor and who knows how much it’ll cost. Watch this short video to learn how Paladina Health works differently for our patients.