5 Ways the Current Healthcare System is Failing Your Family

Top 5 Ways the Healthcare System is Failing Your Family Today

Individuals: Top 5-1

1. It’s hard to find a doctor who knows you

With doctors spending an average of only 7 to 14 minutes per visit and balancing 2,500 patients, it's no wonder your visits to the doctor feel rushed and impersonal. Imagine a healthcare system where your primary care doctor is readily available for an appointment, follows up with you by phone to see how you're doing, and knows you by name. 

That's exactly what Toria, a Paladina Health patient, experienced in managing her diabetes. While Toria says that her old doctor spent more time looking at her laptop than listening to her, Toria's Paladina Health doctor makes her feel like she can be honest and proactive about her health. They have a clear process to communicate Toria's blood sugar levels, and her doctor always follows up with phone calls. In Toria's words,

"My doctor has been a real partner with me in dealing with [my diabetes]."

This personal relationship has helped Toria lose 15 pounds and enjoy lower levels of stress.

She knows she can call her Paladina Health doctor any time.

Time Spent with Provider

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Central point of care

2. No one's helping you coordinate your healthcare

Imagine you have heart disease or another chronic condition. In a typical healthcare setting, you might be limited to seeing your primary care doctor for a checkup once or twice a year. You may also have several specialists spread out, and perhaps none of the specialists or your doctor talk to each other.

It’s up to you to keep track all the tests, medications, treatment plans, and conversations. If you don't, who will?

Paladina Health offers you an alternative: a doctor who's looking out for you. Someone who can do many of the things you're paying specialists for right now. And when you need your doctor, not someone who will just refer you, but who will efficiently and effectively coordinate your care, that’s where Paladina Health steps in.

Paladina Health offers coordinated, integrated healthcare, so the big picture’s never lost.

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3. You're paying more than you need to

You can get 80 to 90 percent of the care you need from a primary care doctor, but because doctors have so many patients, many don't have time to provide your care. They often refer you to specialists, where you will likely pay more for exactly the same procedure.

One Paladina Health member, Harvey, has been saving money by going to his Paladina Health clinic. He doesn’t pay a co-pay to see his Paladina Health doctor—it’s included in the monthly subscription his employer pays. But what really sticks out to him financially? Fewer visits to specialists.

With Paladina Health, you still see specialists when you need to, but you can be assured that those visits are necessary and add value—not just cost.

Harvey Patient Headshot

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Ability to Access

4. Unexpected health events are needlessly expensive

Imagine it's Saturday morning, and you wake up with intense stomach pains. You're worried it's something serious, but it's the weekend, so you can either wait it out, hoping the doctor can squeeze you in, or you can go to the ER and brace yourself for the bill.

Imagine this instead:

Saturday morning, you pick up the phone, call your Paladina Health doctor, and discuss your symptoms. Your doctor has a good idea of what's going on and schedules you for an appointment Monday morning. You don’t need the ER, but your doctor gives you some tips to feel more comfortable in the meantime. On Monday, your appointment with your doctor lasts as long as you need. As a Paladina Health member, you saved yourself money and a trip to the hospital.

Or, consider this scenario:

You're on vacation and don't realize until you get there that you forgot one of your prescriptions. You call your doctor, who calls the prescription in to the closest pharmacy, and half an hour later you’re picking it up. No need to scramble for an expensive, last-minute appointment with a doctor who doesn't know you—your Paladina Health doctor is accessible 24/7 by phone or at the clinic phone during business hours, at no extra cost.

Health events don’t happen on schedule, and Paladina Health doesn’t expect you to compromise on cost or convenience.

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5. Long wait times for appointments are the norm

It's flu season, half the office is sick, and eventually you catch it too. You’re used to just waiting it out, because by the time you get a doctor's appointment, you’re almost better anyway. So you slog through, miss a few days of work, and hope you're luckier next flu season.

How about this instead? Your throat feels scratchy, and you think you might be getting sick. It might be nothing, but your Paladina Health doctor has always said not to worry about contacting them for any your health concerns. So you call your Paladina Health clinic and get an appointment for the same day. Since it's close by, you walk over during your lunch break. Your doctor examines you, and you leave with a low-cost prescription.

You can't plan for an illness, but with same- or next-day appointments for urgent needs and 24/7 phone access to your doctor, a Paladina Health clinic can help you get better quickly.

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Note: Paladina Health is typically offered at no cost to patients through employer-provided health plans. If you are unsure of your eligibility through your health plan, contact Paladina Health Member Services. Also, if you wish to join Paladina Health independently, contact Paladina Health Member Services.