3 Questions You Might Have

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Continuity of Care

Continue working with specialists or providers—with the added benefit of an experienced physician helping you manage your overall health.

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Secure & Private

Get healthcare with secure and innovative ways to reach your physician—and the security of knowing your health information is protected.

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It's Not Too Good to Be True

Getting direct access to an experienced primary care physician with low or no co-pays isn't too good to be true—it may be a part of your benefits. 

Three Questions You Might Have About Your Paladina Health Membership

Paladina Health is a new approach to your health. With your Paladina Health membership, you get a true partner in your health and well-being—including appointments that last as long as they need to, 24/7 phone access to your primary care physician for urgent needs, same or next-day urgent appointments, health and wellness coaching, and more.

When you are deciding whether you and your family will join Paladina Health, you may have questions about what membership means for you. Your questions may be about how your existing primary care provider will fit in. Or, if your membership is sponsored by your employer, you may be wondering what your employer will know about your health. Here are three of the most common questions about Paladina Health and your membership.

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1. Will I have to give up the doctor I already have?

Paladina Health is an optional add-on to your health plan. The choice we offer is increasing, not removing, care.

Tip: Your Paladina Health doctor may offer services your other doctors may not—such as short wait times for appointments and low-cost prescriptions filled on-site. With fewer patients than the average doctor, your Paladina Health physician will be able to perform many procedures in-house you might typically have to see a specialist for, decreasing your overall number of doctors’ appointments—and cutting down on specialist co-pays.

Paladina Health can also serve as a central point of contact for you and your health, with your Paladina Health doctor helping you navigate routine checkups, medications and specialists’ visits.

Central point of care

2. Will my employer have access to my health information?

First, we take your privacy and the confidentiality of your records very seriously. Under HIPAA—federal law—your Paladina Health doctor cannot share your medical records or medical information with your employer, except in some specific instances (e.g., we may share information that is required to manage the health plan, pay for your membership or administer your benefits with authorized administrators of your health plan).

Examples include: 

  • If your employer offers a premium reduction if you get your annual physical through Paladina Health. In this case, we will share confirmation that you have completed your physical with your plan administrator so you receive the appropriate premium reduction. 
  • In order to pay for your membership, your employer needs to know that you are enrolled. On a monthly basis, we will confirm with your employer that you are currently enrolled in the Paladina Health benefit.

What will never be shared with your employer:

  • Specific visit information, beyond what is required to administer your health benefits
  • Test results or your health record
  • Diagnoses or care plans

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Ability to Access

3. Isn't this too good to be true?

24/7 phone access to your doctor—nights, weekends, and holidays included? Same- or next-day appointments for urgent needs? Low-cost prescriptions filled on-site? A primary care physician who takes time to get to know you? To many patients who haven’t tried Paladina Health yet, this sounds impossible.

There's no catch.

Paladina Health provides all these services with low or no-copays for members. If your employer is supporting your membership, they pay a monthly membership fee that covers the full cost of your membership—without additional fees for you. Then, you can use Paladina Health and your doctor as much or as little as you need.

Note: Paladina Health is typically offered at no cost to patients through employer-provided health plans. If you are unsure of your eligibility through your health plan, contact Paladina Health Member Services. Also, if you wish to join Paladina Health independently, contact Paladina Health Member Services.