About Us

Our mission is to be unbiased advocates for patients and employers in their quest to improve their access to high-quality, affordable healthcare.

Leaders in Healthcare Transformation

Paladina Health is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DaVita Healthcare Partners, a Fortune 500 company that provides a variety of health care services to patients throughout the United States and abroad. DaVita Healthcare Partners is recognized for delivering superior clinical outcomes in its various service lines and for the contributions it makes to the communities in which it works.

While historically focused on delivering dialysis services in the United States, DaVita began expanding its scope in 2010 when it saw the national imperative to find innovative new models that would materially improve the cost and quality of healthcare in the country.  Further, DaVita believes that the way to drive these improvements is by having independent physicians (not hospital-employed) who are incentivized around, accountable for, and supported in delivering high quality integrated care.  Since 2010, DaVita has been investing in businesses that harness the power of accountable and aligned physicians.

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Focused on Accountable, Integrated Care

In November of 2012, DaVita completed the $4.4B acquisition of Healthcare Partners, considered the largest independent physician group in the country, serving over 800,000 patients. Applauded for its success in delivering better clinical results at lower costs than industry norms, Healthcare Partners is a cornerstone of DaVita’s strategy of delivering more effective healthcare in the U.S.

Paladina Health is another arm of DaVita’s integrated primary care strategy. It was created from a clean sheet with the goal of creating a pure medical home model for self-insured employers looking to dramatically improve the cost and quality of healthcare.

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Operating Nationally

Paladina Health is operating across the U.S., with clinics from coast to coast.  We are pursuing rapid expansion with employers from all industries.